Powdered Cannabis: The Endless Possibilities

We at Xanthic Biopharma, are the reliable companions of a healthy, modern lifestyle. We believe reliability is the foundation of well-being in day-to-day life. We see it as our responsibility to offer the best care as we develop our products and operate our business with utmost diligence, professionalism and environmental responsibility. We understand the need for solutions that fit in with how you live, which is why the possibilities of Xanthic are endless.

THC and CBD Cannabis-Infused Powders

Our proprietary manufacturing process allows Xanthic to deliver THC and CBD in water soluble formulations, offering new convenience and ease of use. Water soluble formulations are fast acting and enable rapid absorption through liquid consumption. Xanthic will soon launch three initial cannabis-infused powder product classes that include:

  • Sports Hi-Dration Drink – Refresh, Rehydrate, Relax
  • Energy Drink – Re-energize, Revitalize, Revive
  • Rescue Drink – Recover, Rescue, Release

Highly sophisticated blending, titration and dosing of exact THC and CBD oils allows Xanthic products to deliver therapeutic benefits across a broad range of use occasions. Xanthic products are all natural, discrete, tasty and precisely dosed.

The Future of Cannabinoid Powders

Recent research has demonstrated that there are legitimate medical uses for marijuana and strong reasons to continue studying the plant’s medical uses. The heightened awareness surrounding marijuana’s benefits has sparked a major shift in favor of the legalization of cannabis. With this many individuals in favor of legalization, Xanthic plans to expand its product classes in order to meet consumer demands.

Adults over 21+ can enjoy Xanthic’s cannabinoid-infused powders, especially when one discovers a THC and/or CBD formula that works best for their lifestyle and physical condition. On top of the product classes mentioned earlier for our initial release, we plan to develop and formulate numerous cannabinoid infused power product classes. Some ideas we have include:

  • Flavorless Powder – perfect for mixing into any food or drink
  • All Natural Cacao Powder – mix into milk, desserts, or smoothies
  • Chip Dip – create a positive vibe at any party or gathering
  • Soup Mix – conquer the winter weather with a smile

What innovative powdered cannabis products would you like to see Xanthic develop this year? Please comment below!