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Adding Value Through Innovation

Xanthic Biopharma is a premium cannabinoid life sciences and technology company. We add value to the cannabis revenue chain by leveraging our strategic partners’ significant capital investment in cannabis cultivation and processing. By adding our patent pending process, partner companies will improve the consumer experience through premium Xanthic branded non- combustible cannabis-infused products.

Xanthic technology delivers consistent and accurate cannabinoid dosing in preferred product formats. Xanthic products eliminate the inconvenience, messiness and stigma related to the smoking of Marijuana while delivering the desired physical and emotional benefits via cannabis-infused alternatives. The Xanthic partnership business model is capital light and highly scalable across multiple jurisdictions allowing Xanthic to build an international brand in the largely unbranded cannabis industry.


Low Capital Expenditure, Highly Scalable to Support Rapid Geographic Expansion. Xanthic is poised for rapid expansion across multiple jurisdictions

Patent pending manufacturing process preserves premium revenue stream potential

Xanthic technology addresses resolves two of the key deficiencies of competitive Cannabis-infused products: water solubility and consistent, reliable dosing.

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