Xanthic Beverages

Xanthic Beverages

Xanthic Biopharma is proud to announce the release of their strategic partner, Xanthic Beverages’, first product class into market. The first production run will roll out into the states of Washington and Oregon. Xanthic Beverages has already secured distribution agreements with over 700 retail locations, including premium grocery retailers and convenience stores.

How is this possible?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a revered cannabinoid most commonly extracted from Cannabis. But much like Vitamin C, CBD can come from many natural sources. Xanthic Beverages products contain pure CBD isolate derived from the bark of an invasive evergreen combined with citrus peels, so you can refresh and hydrate yourself knowing your drink is environmentally sustainable.

CBD Water

The first product class that Xanthic Beverages is releasing to market is a CBD infused water. The water bottles are 16.9 FL OZ (500 mL) and contain 10 MG of CBD. The H20 in Xanthic CBD Water is purified, undistilled, and drawn from natural sources. The bottles are ethically packaged and the company is continuing to explore new ways of improving sustainability.

The H20 in Xanthic CBD Water is sourced from an aquifer deep beneath the Yakima Valley in the State of Washington. The water is purified, but not distilled, so you can be sure that it fully refreshes you. The source of the water has been carefully selected, and is regularly monitored and sustainably managed.

Drink The Future

The future of Xanthic Biopharma and Beverages looks bright. The companies will continue to come up with innovative ways to make cannabinoids available to everyone. They want to make products that are special to our bodies, communities, and planet that benefit the consumer.