First Batch Of Xanthic Cbd Water Comes Off Production Line And Is Ready To Ship Ahead Of July 4th Holiday!

Toronto, Ontario – June 28, 2018Xanthic Biopharma Inc. (formerly Aurquest Resources Inc.) (“Xanthic” or the “Company“, CSE: xTHC) is pleased to announce the first production run of Xanthic CBD Water by the Company’s strategic partner,  Xanthic Beverages (formerly Avitas CBD Water, LLC), at a PepsiCo-contracted bottling facility. Xanthic CBD Water is now ready for shipment to more than 500 retail locations in Central and Eastern Washington and Northeastern Oregon.

This is the first significant production milestone for Xanthic Beverages, as Xanthic CBD Water is expected to be on store shelves in time for the July 4th holiday in the US. For more details about the Xanthic Beverages strategic partnership, please see the Company’s previous press releases dated March 22, 2018, April 24, 2018, and May 29, 2018.

Ryan Maxson, Co-Founder and CEO of Xanthic Beverages, commented, “Since the beginning of our co-branding partnership with Xanthic, the Xanthic Beverages team has worked extremely hard to execute this production milestone. Our next steps include pushing the product to market and continuing execute our strategic vision. We look forward to seeing how consumers receive our unique flagship product!”

Tim Moore, CEO of Xanthic, commented, “Our Xanthic Biopharma team is extremely pleased with the achievement of this milestone. We commend the Xanthic Beverages team for successfully executing our co-branding initiative. Production and shipment of Xanthic CBD Water marks the first step of Xanthic Biopharma expanding our brand and being the first to market with this proprietary cannabinoid powderization technology. The Xanthic Biopharma team looks forward to continuing to forge strategic relationships with producers and distributors in the US, Canada and International markets.”