Instant Dissolving
Drink Powders

Using a proprietary process, Xanthic delivers a variety of cannabis infused drink powders that dissolve instantly in water to deliver consistent taste and efficacy from the first sip to the last. These THC drink powders are designed to fit active and natural lifestyles, while providing relief. Watch for additional innovative new Xanthic products on a regular basis.

Unsurpassed solubility
Consistent dosing
Increased bioavailability
Great tasting products
Easy to use
Proprietary Process

Sports Hi-dration Drink
Premium THC Infused
Drink Powder


Before, during, or after your workout, Xanthic Hi-dration Drink delivers anti-inflammatory, muscle recovery. The THC infused drink powder stimulates your metabolism, while triggering your endocannabinoid system. It replenishes electrolytes lost during exercise and stimulates muscles, as well as nerves. The formula includes branched chain amino acids (BCA’s). BCA’s reduce fatigue, accelerate recovery, reduce muscle soreness, and improve the use of fat for energy. BCA’s also speed the absorption of the nutrients and the THC. Our Xanthic Hi-Dration Fruit Drink can simply be a discrete, stealthy way to enjoy a THC beverage. You can easily carry a pouch or two in your pocket to mix with water later.


Natural and Rejuvenating
THC Infused Energy Drink

Xanthic Energy Drink contains L-taurine and green tea extract to deliver an energy boost while avoiding a “crash” when fully metabolized. It contains electrolytes to replenish the electrolytes lost during exercise, as well as restore your system. Xanthic Energy Drink delivers an uplifting cerebral high with clarity, as the THC drink powder is designed to help boost your energy and aid in recovery. Use it before exercise or other rigorous activity or when mental clarity is required, while still desiring a comfortable high. Our Xanthic Energy Drink can simply be a discrete, stealthy way to enjoy a THC beverage. You can easily carry a pouch or two in your pocket to mix with water later.


To feel better sooner
Recovery Drink. CBD Infused Beverage


When you occasionally overindulge in THC, or when one of your guests overindulges, and you want the bad feeling to go away as soon as possible, reach for the Xanthic Rescue drink. Containing CBD, it provides a faster recovery time. The combination and CBD and terpenes, assisted by the presence of branched chain amino acids, allows you to quickly absorb them will speed your recovery time. Quickly replenish electrolytes lost due to nausea and vomiting. Stimulate muscles and nerves to relieve discomfort. Help regulate hydration. Xanthic Rescue Drink counteracts the effects of THC from overindulging to “Bring your high down”. It will reset the balance of cannabinoids in your body and offset the undesired effects of too much THC.


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