Fierce, Fit & Focused

One of the biggest misconceptions about people that consume marijuana, is that they are lazy and live a sedentary lifestyle. Most know by now that the opposite is actually quite true, with many health-conscious, holistic nutrition advocates, competitive athletes and active people engaging in hobbies like hiking, running, swimming, climbing etc., incorporate cannabis in to their workout regimens and recovery … Read More

Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet with Xanthic

THC Drinks, THC Powders

Get your year started on the right foot. Whether you are looking to get fit, live with less pain, reduce anxiety or cut out more time for self-care and relaxation, Xanthic has the tools to help get you there with our THC drink products. This time of year can be tiresome, cold and lonely. Many chronic pains are exacerbated by … Read More

Get Comfortable, Naturally

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Xanthic offers a variety of products designed to help you maintain an active, healthy lifestyle. Xanthic also offers products that help you wind down and get comfy. Our THC Drink powders are designed for those who incorporate an active lifestyle.  With the temps quickly dropping, it’s time to curl up with a delicious cup of Xanthic Canna Hot Chocolate. The … Read More